Where Did You Go?

I know, I know, I know… I disappeared for a while there. Not without good reason. Big news! I moved to Los Angeles. I’m chasing the dream in the city that makes or breaks you. I’ve been here a week, and so far, I’m liking it. The people are friendly. You can’t beat the weather. Oh, and cannabis is less expensive here, from what I’ve found.

One of the adorable kitty cats. There’s another one if you keep reading.

Speaking of money, I have a job that I enjoy. I’m selling furniture to people! I’ve always been a pretty good salesperson. And the brand is all about the romance of their story; and you know I’m all about romance. So no matter what happens with my comedy and acting, at least I can pay the rent.

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Chance Marijuana Mommy Meeting

Katy Karns
Unrelated Photo of Katy Karns at Urban Pharm

Hey everyone, just wanted to give a quick update. Yes, I disappeared for a while there (yes, part of that was depression), but now I’m back! And while I was gone, did I meet some interesting people! The first person I want to talk about (before I run off to finish editing an episode of Coffee and Cannabis) is Jessie Gill, RN of MarijuanaMommy.com. I met her the other night at Urban Pharm while dabbing it up. I wanted to share this awesome blog post of hers for my friends in New Jersey looking to get medicated: https://www.marijuanamommy.com/any-doctor-can-prescribe-cannabis-in-nj-heres-how/

Okay, gotta run!

Busy, busy, busy

Hey everyone! I know I have been away for a bit, and you are probably wondering where I have been. So here is an update!

Recording Things!

Higherveda Interview
Higherveda Interview

Over the past couple of weeks I have recorded two new interviews for the podcast, Coffee and Cannabis. One episode will be out by the end of this month, and the other will be posted at the beginning of June! The first episode for the end of May is with Grassfed and To Whom It May, both based in Los Angeles. June’s episode is with Higherveda based in Oakland (pictured above). Continue reading “Busy, busy, busy”

Walking Away From Your Depression

Dolores Park Morning Meditation
Dolores Park Morning Meditation

Some mornings, I wake up depressed. Maybe it started last night. Maybe it came out of nowhere. Maybe I had been fighting it for a few days without realizing it. Wherever it came from, it is here now, and you know today is going to be a chore. On days like this, and every other day, I make sure to follow the same routine. No matter what. It won’t stop the depression, but it helps to make the day more manageable. Here’s how I start my day. See if something similar works for you. Continue reading “Walking Away From Your Depression”

Yes you can… make peanut butter cups

Peanut Butter CupsI am someone who has anxiety. So every now and again, I need a reminder that I’m totally capable of doing something. When that happens, I take a break and bake!

These homemade peanut butter cups are a good way to remind myself that I’m totally awesome and capable! There are only 4 ingredients, no baking involved, and they taste great even if you mess up! Best of all, you can make them while baked 😉 Find the recipe here: https://happyhealthymama.com/healthy-4-ingredient-chocolate-peanut-butter-cups.html

Pro-tip: Share your tasty creation with your neighbors! They’ll love them, and compliment you on your baking! Now don’t you feel a little bit better about yourself?